How to Start About enhancing Your House

Hiring a handyman can frequently save you plenty of dinero. You will no longer check out expense of hiring contractors for each job. You may have spend money on tools may need for just one repair. Of course, you will the added benefit of avoiding the frustration that often comes with attempting repair something you and your family! If you combine money saving with time saving, receiving a good handyman service is just smart.

Meanwhile, a buyer’s agent can bring huge advantages to the counter. A buyer’s agent, on the other hand, may have the buyer’s best interests in mind and are prepared for the process on the buyer’s account. An agent also has access to information that even probably the most internet-savvy consumer won’t have, such as historical price date and knowledge of perhaps the home recently been on the marketplace for a extremely long. They can also more easily compare listing and sales prices in similar homes in the actual. Each of these is an exceedingly significant factors when determining spot price offer. Agents can also recommend good financing companies, home inspectors or even local Home Repair professionals at the appropriate time.

That doesn’t mean i do not enjoy gonna be our local building supply store. So when hubby is one of these kinds of “let’s fix the house” moods and stocking by means of wall anchors and other things that I am understand, I am quite willing to browse the isles and at all of the various renovating and Home Decoration tips and concepts that these stores in addition provide.

Hire the trusted reverse mortgage experts such as Live Well Financial. Throughout times, undoubtedly are a a associated with swindlers who just want to take benefit of older person’s. Be vigilant. It pays to seek the reliable lending companies for safe financial guidelines.

Diamond pattern: These tiles are good for your kitchen or various other room which can lend a contemporary ambience to all of your house. This tile holds more improvements and is available in colors like ivory and hourra.

Vinyl stickers can indeed be thrilling eye-catching. You could use your crooks to create awareness about your church will be services. Order bulk stickers and distribute them to members for placing at their vehicles. Men and women notice these and get into touch along with you. Add your contacts and make the sticker colorful, attractive and noticeable. Thus, it can stimulate conversation and interest for your church among everyone.

Today there is the demand for cost-cutting designs for the average consumer. Emphasis is dress yourself in designing on a tight budget instead and cheap interior decorating is in style and receiving wide acceptance. Of course, there are still the designers out there who focus on the much more costly market as well as their price tag shows thought. But for the needs off everyday people, such high-end interior design work just isn’t necessary. Here are give up smoking and tips on how to make one of the best home design using cheap home furnishings and decorating ideas.

With all these gifts choices how are you going to find the correct Gardening ? With this type of gift you’ll want to think should the person will appreciate a whimsical wind chime, an outdoor gnome, toned man walking compost tumbler and tea maker.

#3 Divide the cards – When your finished transferring all of the loans and confirming to be real . of your interest rates are reasonable, put them away, never to be used again. If you don’t trust yourself, then simply cut in the cards and throw them away. The only way you expertise true help with debt is by completely avoiding the regarding credit.

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What I Learned About And the Putting Greens – Part 1

You are certain to get great satisfaction by having experts make sure of your backyard and turn it from a dull extra space into an effective landscape and putting ecologically friendly. You’re basically hitting two birds with one stone.

The Swing Sets come in variety of colors and alternate options. Wooden swing sets are usually associated with cedar, consequently are among the most popular ones. The wood varies in its quality promote. There are also metal swing sets commonly because traditional swingsets. The swing sets differ in shape, feature, size, style, and slope.

There as well some items for baby that the fogeys might in order to purchase in consideration of baby safety. One of these baby items may be the baby safety monitor i know considerable focal point in have especially the busy Moms and Dads. These types of items help in supervising the baby, particularly during nap time or sleeping. The child monitor is probably as secure when a kid is active and awake, though, since will are not prepared to listen in on what trouble your silent baby may have gotten throughout.

As always, early from the year, remember to rake lightly as those grass plants are still gentle. Check out my website Garden Bite with Teri Knight for more information, like my Facebook page and ensure to the look at my new television Gardening show “DigIn Minnesota” reaching The CW Sunday mornings at 9 o’clock starting April 14th.

Don’t be timid about your stock images. If you love it, investigate further. Sure, there’ll be rejection slips and the nitty gritty work often accompanies anything that is worth accomplishing. But if you love what you’re doing, the pain disappears.

Congratulate yourself when you finished decluttering. Get out a many scented candles and have a hot, relaxing bath. Visualize how much calmer your mornings seem now that an individual can easily came up with outfits for and fantastic on the individual.

Think regarding the at an increased rate you preserve by employing an artificial grass lawn. While your friends are performing their originate seeding and weeding furthermore exchanging just about all the locations where the area puppies left their own symbol, an individual might be able to select up a garden hose and easily rinse off your artificial grass lawn and look as good as new. As soon as your neighbors are mowing and trimming their grass each week, a person be practicing on the backyard putting green so that you can defeat them the next time anyone decide to to accomplished ..

We having the site and structure. Analyze our place. Is there heavy traffic outside? Can we need to increase the fence up a bit using mesh wire? Often, all it requires is putt control to remedy the choice of the shot going too far elsewhere. After all, we will never be doing full swings on our Backyard Installation shade. Putt is merely making the ball roll into the opening.

Autumn reality time during when trees are losing their leaves; the weather conditions are a bit warm and dreary. Many families love the summers, and winters are scary. Therefore, when it to be able to autumn gift ideas, try gifting particular person something is remind them about incredible summer workouts.

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How required A Broken Doorbell

It’s at this time that you really don’t manage to pay for to maintain your minimum amounts that are needed and start to miss payments. May just endeavor to ignore the complete mess.

Worse yet, many buyers make the mistake of believing that the seller’s agent has their interests in mind. A seller’s agent works for your seller merely the in between. Their sole focus is to get their client the very best price for their own. Any advice they provide is designed get the home sold quickly and at as much as feasible. In fact, they are even legally obligated to inform their client anything which potential buyer says might improve odds of selling their house. Many seller’s agents are even trying to discourage buyers from getting agents of your own because it means bigger commission checks for themselves. Don’t be fooled – the seller’s agent does operate for the client.

All gardeners know that to get yourself a thriving crop, the soil in the backyard has turn out to be right. How can you discover if your soil is perfect for that vegetable you are preparing on growing? Will your herbs thrive in garden? To answer seems important soil question an electronic soil tester is great Gardening reward.

To conquer the mountain, you start shaving it down by claiming reduction. The more you can claim, the happier you become. Some people have lots of deductions which help in this regard. Others create associated with money interesting deductions to perform same. A person approach, keep in mind you need receipts to suit those deductions should the government ask discover proof. Here is a list of common tax records you need to keep to support those reduction.

However, having basics that everybody should understand before they understand garden. These soil, exposure, and conditions. If you understand how these three things operate in your garden, you get on your drive to growing a bountiful crop of delicious veggies and fruits!

If pick the exercise to make use of the modern theme to decorate your home, going with bold and vibrant colors works highest quality. This theme works best with big spacious rooms that have an open view. Your attention should be focused on the details regarding room such as the bold fabrics.

Cordless Glue Gun – A great gift for moms. The cordless glue gun is needed in arts and crafts, Home Repair projects and for general repairs around your property. The glue gun works on fabric, metal, wood, plastic, leather just about anything you’ll run across. You can find the cordless glue gun for only $9.99 on line.

For those that want employ canvas artwork as a part of their Home Decoration, it does not have to be limited to a single painting to fill the entirety of the wall. Called soft skills problem for home decorators is being unable to choose a singular painting for the theme that they convey. However, it do not have to be so demanding. All they need to do is choose several paintings with caffeinated beverages contain theme to fill the wall. For example, there exists a lot of canvas artwork that possesses theme of flora and foliage. Those that have a specific theme can all use for a wall. End up being have a larger impact than finding a painting for your space. It is vital specifically well suited for homeowners will be indecisive; process, which is have a few paintings rather than choosing a single.

Repair any pickets you might have on conserve. If you have natural stone, block or stucco wall type fencing, fix splits, replace missing sections and supply a new coat of paint. With real wood fencing material, change out any deformed or missing segments and make some fasteners where mandatory. Definitely re-stain or repaint your hardwood fence with new paint. Absolutely no type of fencing you have, confirm your fence is all standing up level mainly because sagging or loose. Adjust gate hinges and latches.

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Outdoor Playhouse And Playhouse Accessories For Backyard Enjoyment

Outdoor Playground Equipment Can Be A Great InvestmentWhen the weather is good outside, you can find few things more tempting than having a chuckle on outdoor playground equipment. However, traveling does not need to be to far off exotic places to experience these things. This article will focus on site preparation and safe play zones for residential outdoor wooden swing sets.

Leisure swings such as porch swings could times cost under the extravangant structures made for children to enjoy. All outdoor playsets including zip line for kids, playground slides, swing sets, swing sets accessories along with other equipment can be easily aquired online as well. Many people may be initially turned off to the notion of wooden play structures due to splinters, but should you read reviews you will find splinters are an extremely rare occurrence. Repeat this process for each leg of the unit and you eliminating swing set installation a hazardous situation. With almost all their merits, playgrounds remain the location for children to spend their evenings.

Children can begin to play safe understanding that won\’t crash in to a tree or building. As a result, the toy soldiers were then made using plastic. Metal swing sets are very safe for youngsters in the wedding you carefully put them to use as these folks were designed to.

For leisure: single seat, pergola, double seat etc. One of the most liked among many kinds of grasses is the buffalo grass. As a thing of caution – in the event you opt to do shopping in a location such as Wally-World the product quality and sturdiness of what exactly is offered in nearly all of their swing sets is way less than most would desire when searching for cedar products. River rafting trips are a fantastic approach to view this natural wonder. Rust is often an affect of metal being confronted with rain, water as well as other weather conditions.

For the easy reason that, wood playsets use a fantastic overall look and aesthetics are important for that backyard landscaping. These cities are full of historic significance. They also build playhouses to be able to match your house theme, color through their collection of paint, finishes, textures and shingles. It even offers staircase on the back, front right hand side which leads for the main platform it is good for small kids also also it completely comfortable. Backyard swings for adults are an excellent method to increase your outdoor space and produce your family together in the healthy and fun way.

Size of product that you might be looking for. All outdoor playsets including zip line for kids, playground slides, swing sets, swing sets accessories and other equipment can be easily aquired online as well. Many people may be initially turned off towards the idea of wooden play structures due to splinters, but should you read reviews you will discover splinters are a really rare occurrence. There one can feel the family fun waiting at Disney World or perhaps the thrills and chills at Universal Studios. With almost all their merits, playgrounds remain the place for children to spend their evenings.

California is excellent with an experience of fine dining, rolling hills, and athletic endeavors. They select modern styles and surface of the genre aesthetic patterns that\’s ideal for boys and girls. Swing sets are the favorite backyard accessory these days. Level ground makes the complete process less stressful.

This is the most critical safety factor of playing on swing sets whether they are in the residential setting or perhaps a commercial setting. Typically their cedar sets are constructed of the lot lighter and less strong wood and will often need a bit more care when assembling. The amazing memory records were achieved by simple techniques. Rubber Mulch can be a fantastic choice as it helps environmental surroundings since this product is produced from recycling old tires. Backyard swings for adults are a great method to improve your outdoor space and bring your loved ones together in a healthy and fun way.

Residential Backyard Playground Equipment

Traveling the world is an excellent approach to broaden ones horizons. It brings the opportunity gain independence, experience new cultures, and also have adventures. By grouping the letters together you can come with an emotion, an image, or perhaps a person which is easy to remember.

How to Find Little Tikes Playground Equipment On Sale. Smaller sizes are cheaper, however the swing won\’t be nearly as fun if everybody who wants to become about it can\’t fit. This will prevent any sort of accident and ensure safe play for all using the play set. Repeat this process for each leg of the system and also you eliminating a dangerous situation. But how would you select one considering every one of the many options nowadays? If you are thinking to getting a fresh one soon, here are our top four strategies for choosing that perfect outdoor playset.

2) Before and after receiving any coatings or treatments cedar proves to be an extremely sturdy material. Some of the typical ones consist of football, basketball, hockey, racing, brain, cooking games among others. You can purchase this type equipment to your backyard and a playground area that is planning to be the envy of the community.

It could be hard to not find a great option here. There is still a debate around the few whether or not this poses a real threat to people who\’re confronted with it, but why take the risk? Shop wisely and select from a distributor that does not sell treated wooden kids playground equipment. There is still a debate about the a few whether it poses a real threat to people new jersey swing set installation who are exposed to it, but why go ahead and take risk? Shop wisely and choose from a distributor that doesn\’t sell treated wooden kids playground equipment. A rock wall, an extra slide, or even a fireman\’s pole are the attachments one can make.

Louis Marx is a well known name inside the toy industry. Those who can\’t come up using the time and money required for this type of recreation can install a portion of nature inside their surrounding areas. Very soon, these Marx toy soldiers soon became a rage one of the people.

How To Locate Little Tikes Playground Equipment On Sale. Backyard zip line is among the popular options that can provide unmatched excitement not merely to your youngster nevertheless the whole family! You just have to certain the zip line parts are made using the great quality hardware so concerning make certain that your son or daughter continues to possess fun for many more years to come. Not only can you need a level spot, however, you must know those dimensions. The best kinds of woods to pick from include redwood and cedar. With all their merits, playgrounds remain the location for children to spend their evenings.

2) Before and after receiving any coatings or treatments cedar proves to be an extremely sturdy material. Surprisingly, local home improvement stores will usually have great end of season sales on backyard playground equipment. If for just about any reason certainly one of those items you are interested in is not is stock they frequently possess a rain check system that can allow one to reserve one for you personally when they will be in stock.

Water is both refreshing and extremely in. There is still a debate around the a few if it poses a real threat to people who\’re confronted with it, but why go ahead and take risk? Shop wisely and select from a distributor that does not sell treated wooden kids playground equipment. Without a doubt, should you considering purchasing of the metal swing set you simply must look into the Kettler brand.

A Metal Swing Set For The Kids – Must look At Kettler Brand

Cedar swing sets are an extremely sturdy and popular choice for individuals when it comes to backyard play structures, playsets or swings in general. It brings the opportunity gain independence, experience new cultures, and possess adventures. The era of participating in bodily games has for many elapsed using the foster generation and its spot taken through the free games.

No matter exactly what the reasoning is, whether it\’s to get a small family with kids, a classy little park or perhaps your front porch, it is difficult to fail when the option is cedar swing sets. Although you will need to inspect the nuts and bolts to sure they are still tight you won have to concern yourself with sanding and applying a wood seal as you would with a wooden swing set. So although these toy soldiers and playsets are now novelty items, they are still favorite collectibles of numerous people, all over the globe.

Living in the city can be quite attracting to some, it provides an assortment of opportunities designed for all who\’re ready to explore and is sufficiently strong to beat the stress and deadlines necessary to fulfill to become able to live a convenient kind of life. They select modern styles and the surface of the genre aesthetic patterns which is ideal for boys and girls. They select modern styles and surface of the genre aesthetic patterns which is ideal for boys and girls. Very soon, these Marx toy soldiers soon became a rage among the people.

The safety perimeter (fall zone) should are the swinging area, meaning in front of the swing and behind the swing. There is still a debate around the a few if it poses a real threat to people who\’re exposed to it, but why take the risk? Shop wisely and choose from a distributor that does not sell treated wooden kids playground equipment. There is still a debate on the matter of whether or not this poses a real threat to people who\’re confronted with it, but why consider the risk? Shop wisely and judge from a distributor that doesn\’t sell treated wooden kids playground equipment. You should however whenever you begin installation have another grown-up as your assistant.

People can purchase innovative and highly creative wooden outdoor playhouses, swing sets, and wooden swing sets from your dedicated stores. Secondly, in the big event you install a border around the area, such as wood or plastic, it\’s going to maintain the ground cover in place. In the event you be aware signs of boredom or disinterest, it only signifies that it has failed to accomplish the will require for which it is actually designed.

This company is renowned for producing high quality children\’s products. They also house a number of the best wines made within the U. Allowing for best playset installation ever a lot of numerous years of use and pleasure out of the backyard play structures, playsets and leisure furniture it is used to .

Living in the city can be very attracting to some, it gives you an assortment of opportunities available for all who\’re ready to explore and is also sufficiently strong enough to get over the strain and deadlines necessary to meet to become capable of live a convenient kind of life. This is made for several reasons. This is for a few reasons. Level ground makes the entire process less stressful.

As far as the above listings go Amazon and swingsetsonline are the two choices with the greatest selection and what appears to be probably the most competitively marked prices. If your set has been discontinued, it\’s really a good idea to purchase a few extra replacement parts or otherwise compatible parts so that you can make repairs when necessary. Upgrades such as these will make a great (and practical) gift for your child\’s next birthday or holiday.

Tattoo Mummy Needs Better Walking Shoes For Her Plantar Fasciitis

Everybody who has been following the tattoo mummy blog recently, has read that I have taken up a more healthy lifestyle. A few years ago, I was hitting the gym like crazy. For a moment, I didn’t have a training partner and it made my life at the gym harder. Then I realized that gym time was ME time and I really needed to relax and just enjoy it. I kept it up for a long time, but got some good results in my figure as well as my health. It got a bit boring and I fell off the wagon a bit. Eventually, I quit the gym and focused on something else. Instead of lifting those unfriendly weights, I started taking walks outside to get some fresh air. And nowadays, I am even hiking on a regular basis as well. It truly is the best kind of exercise the human body can get. I have, however, developed the worst foot pain in the world… plantar fasciitis.

Get Supportive Walking Shoes If You Don’t Have Them Already

If you have ever suffered from this truly god awful condtion ever in your entire life, then I am sure you will agree with me that this is the most horrible foot pain that you can have. This is not just like having a sore foot or anything like that. It’s more like stepping into a buckets of super sharp nails. For those of you who have never heard of plantar fasciitis, it is also known as policeman’s heel. And when you have it, you are in for a whole new level of pain. This is a nagging foot condition that is pretty common, it turns out. Although I must admit I had never heard of it before I got it myself. And now that I have it, I need to get rid of it, because this is no way to live. I started out by buying supportive shoes for plantar fasciitis. I got the Orthaheel Walkers for women myself. I selected mine from here. So far, they are working great in treating my policeman’s heel!

Heal Pain

Heal Pain Diagram


Before I developed this awful case of heel pain, I had no idea how incredibly common it was. Now that I have spoken with my physician and my podiatrist, I have learned that it affects a whopping 10% of the world’s population. Almost everybody at least knows somebody who has or has had the condition. I do not have in my family or my circle of friends. So I guess I’m the first. And I hope they’ll learn from my experience, because I would not wish this condition upon my worst enemy. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for plantar fasciitis. No magic pill to make the pain go away. It is a condition that is created slowly over time, given the right circumstances. A truly deadly combination for plantar fasciitis is standing up straight or walking a lot, not wearing supportive shoes, and being overweight.

In retrospect, I kind of had all the right conditions set up to develop this policeman’s heel. So I guess I owe it to myself. But now that I am aware of the most common causes, I will make sure to prevent it. I have become a bit overweight as of late, so it has become more important for me to wear good shoes that provide plenty of support for my heels and arches. All overweight people ought to be wearing good shoes, because being obese is causing a lot of extra strain on your poor feet. Check out this page for good recommendations on walking shoes for big men, and that page for great tips on walking shoes for heavyset women. All these pages I’m linking to point to a website called the Boot Bomb. It has become my go to source for information on good shoewear. Brian Bradshaw, the webmaster, seems to have a knack for figuring out what to and what not to wear. He has suffered from plantar fasciitis himself and has become a self taught expert on the subject.

Plantar Fasciitis – What Is It?

Either way… back to the issue at hand. For those of you who do not know what plantar fasciitis is, it is an inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a very big, very important tendon at the soles of your feet. It goes all the way from your heels to your toes. If you strain it too much, especially over a long period over time, the plantar fascia will start to rebel by getting all inflamed. When that happens, it also tightens up and grows thicker. A thick, tight tendon in your foot is going to put you through the worst pain you’ve ever felt. When you get up out of bed, it’s like stepping on railroad spikes. You have to take a couple of steps in order to make the pain go away. That tendon isn’t going to stretch itself when you have this condition. You have to do this yourself. And every step you take is hell on earth. Planning on sitting down for a while? Don’t even think about it. Because getting up again is going to be almost as bed as getting out of bed.

How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis?

First of all, you have to get good shoes. But you already knew that. There are plenty of other things you can do about it, though. For one, you can buy two night splints that you can wear around your ankles and feet during the night. These splints will keep your feet stretched, as if you are in a standing position. This causes the plantar fascia tendons in your feet to stay stretched. This will ensure that you won’t have to suffer through that horrible pain right after getting up. I have gotten a couple of night splints myself. And while they are not comfortable to wear in bed, they certainly do help in preventing the pain from standing up in the morning. I’d rather wear the splints than have the morning foot pain, no question there. I do recommend splints if your situation as just as bad as mine, or maybe even worse.

There are also plenty of foot exercises you can do in order to make the pain go away once and for all. You can simply roll a ball under the bottom of your foot for a few minutes. This simple exercise really helps well to massage the plantar fascia tendon and make it healthier again. You can also do stretch exercises. You have to simply stand up against a wall and lean in, so that your tendons are stretched. Leaning in and out repeatedly will do more for you than to simply stand still, from my own experience at least. I have been doing these exercises for a week now and while my plantar fasciitis is not yet healed completely, I can certainly notice the effects. It’s a condition that took a long time to build up, and it’s going to take some time to deconstruct it, so to speak.

Naturally, you will also have to take it easy for a bit. It’s good to take a few walks when you have this condition. But long distance hikes are pretty much out of the question. Long distance hiking is one of the causes for my plantar fasciitis, so when you are engaging in this otherwise great sport and you feel chronic pain building, it very well might be policeman’s heel. When that happens, it’s high time that you shift back into lower gears. Get supportive boots or shoes that support your arches. Lots of people over pronate because they have flat feet and fallen arches. So do I. Good insoles are absolutely essential to preserve your own foot health. By all means, take some walks. But also take it easy. Rest a lot. Apply some ice every once in a while if you can. Wear those night splints and do those exercises. A good treatment plan that is put to action can rid you of your dreaded heel pain in a matter of weeks.

Some people immediately go for invasive fixes such as surgery and steroid injections. But these treatments come with a great risk and can potentially make your situation worse. Policeman’s heel, as horrible a condition as it may be, is self treatable in the convenience of your own home for the lion’s share of sufferers.

How To Prevent Plantar Fasciitis In The Future

rollingThe first time you get it, it will make you want to slap yourself in the head. Once you have gotten rid of it, you’ll never want to develop it again, I guarantee it. You can prevent this condition by keeping an eye on the soles of your footwear. It it starts wearing out and getting thinner than 1″, it’s about time that you get new shoes. You must keep yourself standing on good support at all costs. Also make sure to get new insoles every once in a while, as they will provide you with more support than your worn down insoles. Good insoles don’t cost a whole lot. If you go for custom made orthotics, then you will pay more. But you will get the best support for it in return.

Besides good footwear, it’s also evident that you use your common sense when undertaking straining physical activities. Such as, for example, long distance hikes. If you start feeling pain from this, then you need to cut back quick, because you know what’s coming. You will be able to go on for longer if you weigh less. So if you are chubby or obese, then it’s a good idea to shed some of those pounds. Your feet will thank you for it, because they will have to put up with much less of a strain than they would if you were still overweight!

My baby got my baby a playset :)

UPDATE: 5/30/2015

So I just wanted to drop a quick update that we are still enjoying our playset very much :)

Jordan is enjoying his swingset very much, he plays in it nearly every day and has had his friends over to enjoy it as well.  It is a much needed break from our hectic lives to be able to sit and watch him play on his own.  I think every parent should have some area of the backyard where kids get go out on their own…
Also a quick shout to K-Mart, where we got the playset, it was very well done, and of course to Dave and the installation company that put it together (we mentioned them below)….

Definitely think a playset is something all parents should have for there young kids… Now back to work, er, I mean, relaxing on our patio…

Original Post:

So my hottie boyfriend got me the best christmas present ever, and it wasn’t even for me :)

The gift was for my pride and joy, by baby boy Jordan

I took a quick picture, here you go:

My outdoor playset

I can’t wait for Jordan to start playing in it with his friends. We are going to be quite the destination for neighborhood kids.

I also want to give a special thanks to the delivery man who also went ahead and assembled and installed the whole thing. It was really a big job and I didn’t know if hubby could get it done himself, but apparently delivery guys take care of that sort of thing also. So big shout out to Dave the delivery guy, who was super nice and cordial, even on the day after Christmas, and took care of the playset in what seems like only an hour or so. He said he gets calls for these things all the time. I told him I’d give him a special thanks on my blog :)

He seemed enthusiastic about that and asked if I could share his Facebook page as well, I told him no problem :) He gave me his card so here is all the info:

Facebook page
Youtube Channel
Weebly Page
WordPress Blog

Thank you thank you!! My little one loved the gift and my big one loved that fact that he didn’t have to spend all Christmas week putting the darn thing together 😉

All the best!

New Healthy Start

I could get upset with myself about all the hard work I undid over the last 4 months (or more!) whilst I wasn’t training.
I could put myself down and talk about being fat and lazy.
I could just give up and resign myself to a life of trying to be healthy but not trying too hard.

But I’m not going to do any of those.
Because a) it’s not helpful b) it’s not true and c) I don’t want to.

I haven’t worked out.
I haven’t had motivation. My PT left, my best friend/training partner left.
Yep, they’re excuses.
My excuses.
You can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to, not really.
Horse to water but can’t make it drink and all that jazz.
I haven’t wanted to train. I’ve missed my training partner, I’ve missed my pt, I’ve missed how simple life seemed 6 months ago.

To be honest, I’ve missed me time.

And I kept saying that I was trying to find me time so I just didn’t have time for the gym.
Then I remembered the gym is my me time.

So I went back.
I trained legs.
I disappointed myself with just how quickly I lost my strength.
I felt out of place with no one to train with.
But I didn’t give up.

I messaged my PT because he told me I always could but I just hadn’t because I didn’t want to be a pain in the ass.

I instagrammed that shit because I am proud.
Proud I didn’t give up for good.
Proud I’m back into it.
Proud of what my body is capable of.

I enjoy it.
I enjoy the push and pull.
The tension, the muscles strain and stretch.
The achievement.
The failure. Yes, the failure because it pushes me harder.
I enjoy walking away sweaty and breathless and wobbly-legged because I know I gave it my all.
I enjoy that on a day where nothing really feels right and I don’t know which way is up I can go and lift heavy shit and feel like I can do something even if it’s only for an hour.
I’ve accomplished something.

I’m not a long distance runner.
I probably could be if I tried. But it’s not where my heart is.

My heart is under the weights. It’s in the push and pull and resistance.

I can’t even describe how good it feels for me.
How amazing I feel flipping a tyre or pressing something I couldn’t before.

Your heart might be somewhere else. It might be swimming or marathons or kayaking or hiking or abseiling or jazz or rock and roll dancing.
Find the exercise that makes your heart sing.
Hold onto it. Make it your happy place.
Make it your place where everything makes sense at least for that amount of time.
Never let it go.
Never let you convince yourself that you’re not good enough or strong enough or young enough or old enough for whatever it is you choose.

You find what it is that moves you and you move.

It’s what I’m doing.
I’m home.