Blogging Conventions and I’m Afraid

I ordered business cards today.
Blog business cards.

I booked my flights.
A whole Monday to Friday by myself.

And a whole two days with a bunch of people I know a lot about and have never, ever met.
Literal strangers, virtual friends.

I’m not going to lie, I’m freaking out a little bit.
I feel like a microscopic something in a massive ocean.
I know I’ll be pushed by the current and taken with the flow.

Maybe it’s what  need.
I can’t wait to finally put faces to blogs.
IS there an awkwardness that accompanies this? A distinct lack of words because they are not needed?

I still have to book accommodation so if anyone wants to room with a slightly socially awkward lightweight who is fond of puns, hit me up.
But Honestly, I promise it will be funner than that sounds.
Please, someone?
Not that I’m as desperate as that sounds.
Just working on a budget…

Christmas and Reflections

I feel like Christmas always has you thinking about how your year has gone.
You reflect on the things that have been amazing, the things that could have been better and the things that just plain didn’t happen for one reason or another.
Something I notice when I look back on this year is that my blogging is somewhat lacking.

There are people and blogs that when I started, I felt I was on the same page, we were beginning our journeys together. And although I am amazingly happy for them and wish them every success, I cannot help but reflect on what this says for me.
I don’t write enough content, attend enough events, comment on enough blogs, interact enough with my social network. This could all also be attributed to the fact I’ve never really had any goals for my blog. I just writing because I like it and to be completely honest, I enjoy talking about myself.
While I would never do these things out of obligation or duty, I do feel a certain sense of… necessity to do all these things.
Not so much to move my blog forward – although that would be nice – but to continue on the relationships I felt were developing through my blogs and my commenting on other blogs that I have let fall to the wayside.
There are people who I would have considered dear friends and now I feel that I would probably not rank above acquaintance.

This is not a feeling sorry for myself post. I have had a lot going on over the past year and I have needed to be selfish. I am not ashamed to admit it.
It is more a promise, to myself to get rid of the shit out of my reader I don’t enjoy reading, to comment on those that I care about, to interact and to make friends. And it is a promise to those who read and comment and love, and those I haven’t met yet – to keep being me and being true to me.

More and more I am feeling like I am not honest enough in my blogs. I never lie, but I feel like I hold back far too much, which I’m sure some people would think is insane. There are many things I don’t write about for fear of being judged, but I want to and I think I will be moving more toward that in the next year.

As soon as I figure out how to write about my sex life with my mother and mother-in-law reading…

How seriously do you take your blog?

I’m curious.

How seriously do you take your blog?

I’m wondering if perhaps I don’t take it seriously enough. Or maybe too much?

I mean, I’m here because I need someone to talk to about the boring as batshit days that happen in my house. I like to think people enjoy reading what goes on in my life (I know this is mainly the Grandparents hoping for photo updates of the offspring, but I pretend there are more than just them visiting!)

I enjoy sharing. I LOVE comments. If free stuff comes my way for my blog, freakin awesome.

But I don’t treat it as a job. I don’t think I should, either.

I mean, if I treated it as a job – as a chore, what would be the point?

I want to know how those of you who do blog for a living keep enjoying it.

How do you not take it too seriously?



Insert Witty Title Here

I’m having a little bit of an uninspired couple of weeks.

I have ideas, but I don’t know how to say them.

I have link ups I want to join, but I miss them.

Everthing feels a little too hard, too much.

I am just a big pile and CBF right now.

I’m tired.

My mouth hurts.

My kids won’t sleep.

I’m toilet training.

I don’t have a washing machine.

Want some more whiney excuses? I can probably do it all day.

I actually do have one valid excuse. Kinda. In my mind it’s valid. I’ve gone “back to work” – which I do from home. So I’m finding myself a little bit hectic at the moment.

I’m *trying* to get organised. Because I work, means I’m allowed to get a cleaner… Right? Right?!

I actually don’t need a cleaner. I need a nanny for overnight. I’ll express, you just feed her. Not the nanny, the baby. Because she is STILL waking a few times over night. And Mum, I love you, but I swear, I know you are reading this thinking “you girls all did that and I never had as much help as you have so you should be grateful” – you should definitely not tell me that. I just might lose it at you.

On the bright side. Christmas is nearly here. And by that, I mean it’s only a month till my birthday. Please don’t forget tattoodaddy.

Oh, speaking of Christmas, I have totally done ALL my shopping already. Except tattoodaddy. And Lola. But the way tattoodaddy is with presents, it would probably just be easier if I went and bought myself something and didn;t worry about buying him something.  He tells me that’s what I should do all the time.

OH! We bought a washing machine too. You know, because mine literally doesn’t fit into our new place.


So there’s a little update.

I’ll try and do wordless wednesday tomorrow, ok?


Review – My Pretties MCN

I am reviewing this gorgeous nappy from My Pretties . I did not receive payment for this review, however I did receive a discounted product.

This nappy is from a WAHM – which I love. It is important to me to support people like me, so that gets my tick of approval.

It is very well made, just as well as any of the mass produced nappies I own.

It is absolutely gorgeous (as I’ve said).

The ruffles on the bum are adorable and the butterfly embroidery is SO cute.

BUT the most important thing:

Does it work?

 I didn’t pre wash it – I was too eager to put it on her. It lasted approx 4 hours.

It also held a MASSIVE poo which she did just before I was going to change her.

It’s made with a Fatty Cakes pattern. Lola is the smallest end of the medium size – the front gaped a little but it didn’t affect the function. I expect when she puts on a little weight that will go away.

It is an AI2 design – the booster snaps in.

For only $30 it is an AMAZING nappy

I love it so much I’m ordering another one.

Check out My Pretties on facebook

10 things you’d hate about me

I was tagged over at Oh My,Lolly! To share 10 things about me. AND at least one of them, I know she’ll hate. So we’ll get that out of the way, shall we?

1. I sometimes forget to brush my teeth. Gross, I know. If I forget, I usually brush them at about 3am because it just feels too gross

2. I interrupt people when they’re talking. Not intentionally, but I just worry that the thingI want to say or want to show someone will disappear or I’ll forget it.

3. Sometimes I forget to eat all day. Then I’ll eat half a packet of timtams.

4. I use cloth nappies. Not on me, on Lola. And I’ll tell you just how easy they are to use. How you don’t really have an excuse to use disposable. BUT I won’t judge you if you do chose that.

5. I enjoy getting tattooed. I like the pain. It’s hard to describe.

6. I’m ridiculously awkward in social situations.

7. I’m constantly paranoid I have cancer. No idea why.

8. I was a tepin bowling nerd. 4th in Australia at one point.

9. I can’t understand why so many people try to validate a religion that completely degrades the value of females.

10. I pull the freak hairs out of tattoodaddy’s shoulders because they freak me out!


Now, I’m going to pass the buck to…

Dear Baby G  Dr Bron  Sifdal Torkona and FlyDrunkenMonkey



Thankful Thursday – Sweet Vanilla-ry Goodness.

Ohhhhhh SoGood. You make my mornings great by sweetening my coffee with your wonderful vanilla taste.

You make me smile about not being able to have normal dairy.

You make each morning feel as if I’m having a vanilla latte at a cafe somewhere far away from the screaming children and dirty nappies that is my every day.

Thank you and your vanilla wonderful-ness. I love you.

*This is not a sponsored post in any way. They haven’teven sent me any free So Good. But they should!

30 days to Happy(er)

Now, I am a fairly happy person. You know, when my 3 month old isn’t screaming the house down and my toddler isn’t being Mr Destructo, I’m happy. A lot of my happiness revolved around eating lots of chocolate (what more reason is there for happiness?) and now I can’t eat lot of chocolate (not eating dairy for a week then eating it showed me just how sick). So, I figured I’d get some happiness help.

Over at Seven Cherubs Naomi wants to help people be happy.

” Seven Cherubs is where I love to inspire women.
To help them create happiness in their personal and family life.
I am passionate about motherhood and believe in the power of mothers.”

And so, I downloaded her 30 Days of Happiness (something has to replace the chocolate and quite frankly, anyone who can have 7 children and not be tearing their hair out must be doing a lot more than something right).

You, my lucky friends, followers, fellow bloggers and other randoms that read my blog will be privvy to reading my journey on my 30 days of happiness. I won’t share every day, because it might get a little boring and frankly,a little too raw at points. But I will do at least every second day. Which puts us at Day 1.


Look to your future and let go of the anchors that are holding you back.

My anchors I need to let go of:

  • I still regret going to help the douchebag of a person that I thought was a friend which resulted in me sleeping through my alarm, ending up with me being fired from the only job I have ever wanted to do – LETTING IT GO. I shouldn’t have done it, but I did. If I’m this good of a friend to people who don’t deserve it, this is proof that I am a good friend and shouldn’t worry about not being good enough (finding the positive)


  • I broke up with my ex fiance and broke his heart. For a girl who broke my heart. Karma I guess. He has done a good job of making me feel guilty over this, which at times has made me question whether I deserve where I am, who I’m with and the fact that I’m happy. LETTING IT GO. It was a long time a go. We have both moved on. I am happy and I DO deserve it. We are friends and he is happy for me, so I shouldn’t question my right to be happy.


  • If I had of stayed at uni I would be finished my degree by now and be on a ridiculous amount of money in an area I find interesting. LETTING IT GO. If I had of stayed in my course, I would never have started tattooing. I would never be where I am now, which means I wouldn’t have my kids or tattoodaddy. No amount of money could buy what they give me every day.


  • If I was smarter/more sensible with my money, we wouldn’t be in pointless debt right now. LETTING IT GO. I was forced to live off a credit card in certain times of my life. Starvation isn’t really the wisest choice out of debt or starvation. Sure, we could have paid them off by now, but we’ve just never made it the main priority. We are now, so no need to worry about it any more.


  • I cheated on my boyfriend. LETTING IT GO. I was 15. Time to let go of the guilt.

Looking to the future is easy. I have a wonderful partner, two gorgeous (even if they are full on) children and we are young. We are healthy. We have family and friends who love and support us. There are thousands of options for us and there will be hundreds of thousands of opportunities for our children. There will be countless choices made for the better. The future is spending my life with the people I love the most. Very easy to be happy about.


This HAS made me feel happier already. Sometimes I think we get so dragged down by the every day-ness of life we forget how lucky we are to have that routine of comfort and warmth to enjoy and treasure.

First Post Giveaway.

Photo from our recent holiday – Dutchies Beach, Nelson Bay

They say that a change is as good as a holiday. And I just had a pretty great holiday, so I decided a change was in order also. Works in my head.

To celebrate me buying a domain name (I feel so fancy – tattoodaddy knows better than to roll his eyes at me, or to question, for that matter!) I have presents for one lucky follower!

Because I’m a mum and I love cooking and saving money, I have bought you (or you?) and your little cherub: a children’s apron and teatowel set, a spatula and a Junior Season Serve – all from Tupperware.

*Tupperware fridge smarts are one of my best tips for saving money on your grocery bill*

for your chance to win:

Follow my blog.

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Leave a comment below telling me what you would like to see on my blog. (recipes, budgeting advice, toilet training disasters etc.)

Possible extra two entries per person if you facebook and/or tweet about my giveaway – links must be posted in a seperate comment to your answer though!

And here are some happy snaps from our holiday to warm your heart.