FFS Friday

Once again it is Friday – FFS

I am linking up with Dear Baby G who is NOT having a bitch today because it is her gorgeous daughter’s birthday.
In light of that, I will have to do double the bitching FFS

It has recently come to my attention that my sister is sick of everything I blog being about feelings and relationships. It seems she feels that I need to bitch about something else because it is getting boring. If you want drama, go watch days of our lives, bitch! FFS

My cat. Oh.My.God. STINKS. Farts all the fucking time. And STINKS. FFS

Blizzard – They have just released Diablo 3. And while I have not played it, I have not played anything else I have wanted to since it came out because HARVEY NORMAN have failed to fix tattoodaddy’s computer, so I’m just sitting here twiddling my thumbs thinking “Howdy flippin do.” FFS

People bitching about Centrelink. Shits me. OMFG. I understand that people RELY on these payments. Some people do see it as the ASSISTANCE it is. But Holy Fucking Jesus. Do NOT whinge about not getting “paid” You don’t work for it! Don’t get pissed off that they are making you fucking look for work. So you fucking should. Be a valuable member of society. FFS

I am about to start uni and I still have no idea what is going on. FFS

Lola started daycare last week. LOVES it. Does not even notice I am missing. FFS

My kitchen is a mess and I am refusing to do the washing up because that is tattoodaddy’s job. thanks again Blizzard. FFS

Aforementioned sister feels she is able to lecture me on relationships and dating, despite the fact she has never been in a long term relationship OR had children. FFS

After reading that sentence, I’m wondering fi maybe I should have listened to her advice 4 years a go. FFS


Dex wants me to knit him a scarf. I can’t cast on. Every time, I have to ask my mother and she looks at me like WTF MATE? FFS

Tattoodaddy just called to send me on a mission to Harvey Norman to get his computer, whether it is fixed or not. FFS


Dear Baby G

FFS – The one where we visit the doctors. 4 times.

Dear Baby G 

 Well. Shit this week. I went to the doctor to get my dermal anchor in my finger out. I’ve been putting it off for 2 years. And now it’s sore. FFS 

I took Lola to the doctor because I thought she had an ear infection. Turns out I’m just a bad mother and she had a lot of wax in there. FFS 

The Dr told me he’s not worried about her ear, but her cough sounds terrible, so here’s some antibiotics. Again. FFS 

Had to take Dex to get his catch up immunisation today and hold him still while he cried. FFS 

Finally did our income maths. After paying our rent, car, daycare, groceries and credit card we have a whole $90 for the fortnight. FFS 

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to be able to afford DPCON12 FFS

 TD’s car needs rego. Which would be fine, if it didn’t need the muffler fixed and two new tires.

FFS I can’t find my fucking phone. FFS 

I keep getting bitten by ants. In senstive places. Usually, while I’m in bed. FFS 

Did I mention, my kids keep tag teaming illness. And the little one, while sick, will only sleep on me. And only if I’m rubbing or patting her back. FFS 

Prettttty sure my Dad forgot my birthday. He organised a BBQ for all the league bowlers
(they run a bowling alley) on that day. Tried to cover it up by telling me they’re having a BBQ for my birthday AND for the bowling alley Christmas. It’s been the same date for 24 years now. FFS 

TD now has a valid excuse for not getting me a birthday present. (See $$ point) FFS 


I should probably stop now. 

What’s going on in your life at the moment?