Tattoo Tuesday – Ribs

This is my left ribs tattoo. It is song lyrics from Tiger Army – Santa Carla Twilight

Watch the moon rise tonight

the ocean looms past bonfires alight

I am a stranger in this place

And when I see you, I can’t turn away

Under this beach lie pirate bones

We stand above them at long last alone

There’s something different in your heart

You’re not afraid of the darkness within us all.



The song is my me and my ex’s song. Before you think it, no. I don’t regret getting this on me when we are now broken up. I actually got it after we broke up.

We had a great relationship – he is one of my best friends now. He taught me a lot about life and a lot about myself. He helped me become who I am today. If I hadn’t been with him in the first place, I wouldn’t be where I am now and for that, I thank him.

I think it is a beautiful tribute to the relationship we had and the friendship we have now.

(not to mention it’s my favourite song).


Do you have a tattoo for someone special to you?