On Our Way

Tattoodaddy and I are going on a (albeit short) holiday.
We are heading up to the Gold Coast for a night to stay in a motel that has pokies in it’s games room -which may or may not be why it was chosen.
It also has happy hour cocktails.
And my sister stayed there for her schoolies, so we have a family history or some shit.

We are going to Ikea. And to the comedy festival roadshow. But mainly to Ikea. Tattoodaddy will lose his shit.
He is the king of containerising and organising.
If my things are not in neat little piles, it gets pulled out and dumped on the bed.
(if it is in an organised pile however, it doesn’t get touched no matter how much rubbish mail and receipts are in it)
He will be a kid in a candy store.

I am looking forward to going to a bookstore that might have stock. Because the bookstores here only have book 3 in both the series I want to read right now.
Useful, right?

So anyway, I will keep you up to date on my purchases and cocktails. Because I know you are interested in the cocktails.


First Post Giveaway.

Photo from our recent holiday – Dutchies Beach, Nelson Bay

They say that a change is as good as a holiday. And I just had a pretty great holiday, so I decided a change was in order also. Works in my head.

To celebrate me buying a domain name (I feel so fancy – tattoodaddy knows better than to roll his eyes at me, or to question, for that matter!) I have presents for one lucky follower!

Because I’m a mum and I love cooking and saving money, I have bought you (or you?) and your little cherub: a children’s apron and teatowel set, a spatula and a Junior Season Serve – all from Tupperware.

*Tupperware fridge smarts are one of my best tips for saving money on your grocery bill*

for your chance to win:

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And here are some happy snaps from our holiday to warm your heart.