Thankful Thursday – My Parents

We have been living with my parents for the last four months and while we have had our moments where I am sure we have driven each other crazy, as any independant adults living together do – I am extremely grateful to them.


I am grateful that they allowed us to live with them for the past four months. I’m grateful the amount of time they spend with their grandchildren – and the amount of effort they go to, to have that time with them.


I am grateful for their time. Their love. Their patience. Their parenting. Their love. I love them very much for it.


And I had to add this one. This is a photo of me (Dad holding me), my little sister Heather and my Mum when I was about 2, Heather about 6 months. 22 years a go – Dad sporting a rockin’ mo.

Thankful Thursday – Sweet Vanilla-ry Goodness.

Ohhhhhh SoGood. You make my mornings great by sweetening my coffee with your wonderful vanilla taste.

You make me smile about not being able to have normal dairy.

You make each morning feel as if I’m having a vanilla latte at a cafe somewhere far away from the screaming children and dirty nappies that is my every day.

Thank you and your vanilla wonderful-ness. I love you.

*This is not a sponsored post in any way. They haven’teven sent me any free So Good. But they should!

Thankful Thursday – My little man

Today, Dex turned two.

I am so grateful that I got to share this with him.

So grateful that every morning, I get to pick him up, still groggy from sleep, have him wrap his arms around me and here him murmur “Mummy!”

Every morning I get to listen to his gorgeous lisp as he tells me what he wants for breakfast.

Every morning I get to brush his beautiful curls.

Every day I get countless kisses, hugs, touches. Countless “Mummy!”s.

Every day I get to watch him loving Lola.

Every day I get to witness him learning something new

Every night we have a shower together and we play games as we wind down for the day.

Every night I get him put him in his pyjamas and kiss him good night.

I get to put him in bed, pull his covers up and tell him I’ll see him in the morning.


I am so, so lucky. And I’m so, so grateful for him.