Must Do Monday

  • Figure out a way to stop the baby littlest toddler crying.
  • Accept the fact my children definitely do NOT need all of those clothes I layby-ed.
  • Cancel all those clothes I layby-ed and just get them a couple of pairs of track suit pants/jumpers each.
  • Go to a Newsagent at some point and buy replacement Bumper Puzzler book for Tattoodaddy because I was the one who left the big scissors in toddler reach.
  • Take Dex to swimming hope it wears him out.
  • Dinner maybe?
  • Bake some Corn Bread
  • Catch up on all my blog reading because I’ve been missing for 3 weeks with no internetz and I feel horribly out of the loop!
  • Call Toyota



Fuck it all. New list.

  • Sit in the sun and watch the kids play.
  • Drink a coffee.
  • Maybe bake something


Must do Monday – Massive List




It seems that around the silly season, the to-do lists just get longer and longer.
Even if you’ve already done all the Christmas shopping, there’s still trips and parties and all that jazz to keep the lists full!

I’ve also included a photo of our calendar. I love it. You write the dates in for what month it is. The good thing about this is that constants like swimming lessons, day care and yoga can be written on the days and you don’t have to re write it every month!

What’s on your list today?